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Packaging status

notcurses manual pages (v3.0.9)

notcurses(3)—a blingful TUI library

Executables (section 1)

ncls—list files, displaying multimedia along with them
ncneofetch—generate low-effort posts for r/unixporn
ncplayer—renders images and video to a terminal
nctetris—Tetris in a terminal
notcurses-demo—shows off some notcurses features
notcurses-info—print information about the running terminal
notcurses-input—reads and decodes input events
notcurses-tester—unit test driver
ncdirect-pydemo—validates the Python direct-mode wrappers
notcurses-pydemo—validates the Python wrappers
tfman—swank man page browser

C library (section 3)

notcurses_capabilities—runtime capability detection
notcurses_cell—operations on nccell objects
notcurses_channels—operations on the ncchannel type
notcurses_core—linking against a minimal Notcurses
notcurses_direct—the Direct Mode API
notcurses_fade—fading and pulsing for ncplanes
notcurses_fds—dumping file descriptors/subprocesses to ncplanes
notcurses_input—collecting input
notcurses_lines—drawing lines and boxes on ncplanes
notcurses_menu—operations on ncmenu objects
notcurses_metric—fixed-width formatting with metric suffixes
notcurses_multiselector—high-level widget for selecting items from a set
notcurses_output—drawing text on ncplanes
notcurses_palette—operations on ncpalette objects
notcurses_pile—operations on Notcurses piles
notcurses_plane—operations on ncplane objects
notcurses_plot—drawing histograms and lineplots
notcurses_progbar—drawing progress bars
notcurses_reader—high-level widget for collecting input
notcurses_reel—high-level widget for hierarchical data
notcurses_refresh—refresh an externally-damaged display
notcurses_render—sync the physical display to a virtual pile
notcurses_selector—high-level widget for selecting one item from a set
notcurses_stats—Notcurses runtime statistics
notcurses_stdplane—acquire the standard ncplane
notcurses_stop—collapse the context
notcurses_tabbed—tabbed interface widget
notcurses_tree—line-based widget for hierarchical data
notcurses_util—portable utility functions
notcurses_visual—operations on ncvisual objects

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