nick black



ncls - List paths with rendering of multimedia


ncls [-h|--help] [-V|--version] [-d] [-l] [-L] [-R] [-a|--align type] [-b|--blitter blitter] [-s|--scale scale] [ paths ]


ncls uses a multimedia-enabled Notcurses to list paths, similarly to the ls(1) command, rendering images and videos to a terminal.


-d: list directories themselves, not their contents.

-l: use a long listing format.

-L: when showing file information for a symbolic link, show information for the file the link references rather than for the link itself.

-R: list subdirectories recursively.

-V|--version: Print version information, and exit with success.

-h|--help: Print help information, and exit with success.

-a|--align type: Align images on left, center, or right.

-b|--blitter blitter: Blitter, one of ascii, half, quad, sex, braille, or pixel.

-s|--scale scalemode: Scaling mode, one of none, hires, scale, scalehi, or stretch.

paths: Run on the specified paths. If none are supplied, run on the current directory.


Optimal display requires a terminal advertising the rgb terminfo(5) capability, or that the environment variable COLORTERM is defined to 24bit (and that the terminal honors this variable), along with a fixed-width font with good coverage of the Unicode Block Drawing Characters.


notcurses(3), notcurses_visual(3), terminfo(5), unicode(7)