nick black



ncls - List paths with rendering of multimedia


ncls [-h|--help] [-V|--version] [-d] [-l] [-L] [-R] [-a|--align type] [-b|--blitter blitter] [-s|--scale scale] [ paths ]


ncls uses a multimedia-enabled Notcurses to list paths, similarly to the ls(1) command, rendering images and videos to a terminal.


-d: list directories themselves, not their contents.

-l: use a long listing format.

-L: dereference symbolic links

-R: list subdirectories recursively.

-V|--version: Print version information, and exit with success.

-h|--help: Print help information, and exit with success.

-a|--align type: Align images on left, center, or right.

-b|--blitter blitter: Blitter, one of ascii, half, quad, sex, braille, or pixel. The default is pixel. If the chosen blitter is unavailable, ncls will degrade (see notcurses_visual(3)).

-s|--scale scalemode: Scaling mode, one of none, hires, scale, scalehi, or stretch.

paths: Run on the specified paths. If none are supplied, run on the current directory.

If no scaling is specified, hires will be used with the pixel blitter, and scalehi will be used otherwise.


Optimal display requires a terminal advertising the rgb terminfo(5) capability, or that the environment variable COLORTERM is defined to 24bit (and that the terminal honors this variable), along with a fixed-width font with good coverage of the Unicode Block Drawing Characters.


notcurses(3), notcurses_visual(3), terminfo(5), unicode(7)