nick black



notcurses_pile - operations on Notcurses piles


struct ncplane* notcurses_top(struct notcurses* n);

struct ncplane* notcurses_bottom(struct notcurses* n);

struct ncplane* ncpile_top(struct ncplane* n);

struct ncplane* ncpile_bottom(struct ncplane* n);


Notcurses does not export the ncpile type, nor any functionality that uses it directly. Piles are nonetheless an important concept in Notcurses. Functions which operate on piles (e.g. ncpile_render(3) are invoked with any ncplane within that pile.

Piles are collections of ncplanes, independent from one another for purposes of rendering and also thread-safety. While only one pile can be rasterized (written to the display) at a time, arbitrary concurrent actions can be safely performed on distinct piles. Piles do not compose: rasterizing a pile destroys any overlapping material.

A pile is created in one of three ways:

A pile is destroyed whenever its last ncplane is destroyed, or reparented into some other pile.

The planes of a pile are totally ordered along the z-axis. ncpile_top and ncpile_bottom return the topmost and bottommost planes, respectively, of the pile containing their argument. notcurses_top and notcurses_bottom do the same for the standard pile.




notcurses(3), notcurses_plane(3), notcurses_render(3), notcurses_visual(3)