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notcurses-info - Display information about the terminal environment


notcurses-info [-v]


notcurses-info prints all the information it knows about the current terminal environment, including material loaded from terminfo(5) (based on the TERM environment variable), replies from the terminal in response to our queries, and built-in heuristics.

The Unicode half block, quadrant, sextant, and Braille glyphs are all included in the output. If their appearance is irregular, it might behoove you to choose another font.

The first five lines (the Notcurses initialization banner; see notcurses_init(3)) provide:

The next five lines describe properties of the terminal environment:

To the right of this material is the Notcurses homepage's URI, and the Notcurses logo (the latter only if bitmap graphics are available).

The final eleven lines, only printed when in a UTF8 locale, show various Unicode glyphs. The first four lines include the quadrant, sextant, and box-drawing characters. The next four lines include the entire Braille set. The following two lines include many of the Symbols for Legacy Computing introduced in Unicode 13. The final line includes many emoji.


-v: Be verbose.


The behavior of notcurses-info (and indeed all of Notcurses) depends on the TERM and LANG environment variables, the installed POSIX locales, and the installed terminfo(5) databases.


tack(1), notcurses(3), terminfo(5)