nick black



notcurses_reel - high-level widget for hierarchical data


#include <notcurses/notcurses.h>

#define NCREEL_OPTION_CIRCULAR       0x0002

typedef struct ncreel_options {
  // notcurses can draw a border around the ncreel, and also
  // around the component tablets. inhibit borders by setting all
  // valid bits in the masks. partially inhibit borders by setting
  // individual bits in the masks. the appropriate attr and pair
  // values will be used to style the borders. focused and
  // non-focused tablets can have different styles. you can instead
  // draw your own borders, or forgo borders entirely.
  unsigned bordermask; // bitfield; 1s will not be drawn
  uint64_t borderchan; // attributes used for ncreel border
  unsigned tabletmask; // bitfield for tablet borders
  uint64_t tabletchan; // tablet border styling channel
  uint64_t focusedchan;// focused tablet border styling channel
  uint64_t bgchannel;  // background colors
  unsigned flags;      // bitfield over NCREEL_OPTION_*
} ncreel_options;

struct ncreel* ncreel_create(struct ncplane* nc, const ncreel_options* popts);

struct ncplane* ncreel_plane(struct ncreel* nr);

typedef int (tabletcb)(struct nctablet t, int begx, int begy, int maxx, int maxy, bool cliptop);

struct nctablet* ncreel_add(struct ncreel* nr, struct nctablet* after, struct nctablet* before, tabletcb cb, void* opaque);

int ncreel_tabletcount(const struct ncreel* nr);

int ncreel_del(struct ncreel* nr, struct nctablet* t);

int ncreel_redraw(struct ncreel* nr);

struct nctablet* ncreel_focused(struct ncreel* nr);

struct nctablet* ncreel_next(struct ncreel* nr);

struct nctablet* ncreel_prev(struct ncreel* nr);

int ncreel_destroy(struct ncreel* nr);

void* nctablet_userptr(struct nctablet* t);

struct ncplane* nctablet_ncplane(struct nctablet* t);




notcurses(3), notcurses_plane(3)